Enterprise Indoor Gateway
Enterprise Indoor Gateway
Enterprise Indoor Gateway
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Enterprise Indoor Gateway

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An ideal LoRaWAN indoor gateway to support use cases across smart buildings, campus or any project which requires deep indoor coverage. The gateway offers high performance in demanding environments (basement, underground, parking, elevators shafts…) to connect conditional monitoring, utilities and other various type of sensors. 

The gateway is easy to configure and comes with an exclusive features for its remote monitoring and provisioning feature with The Things Stack (Cloud/Enterprise).

For bulk inquiries - drop a line to info@thethingsindustries.com.

Features - 

  • Zero touch provisioning to reduce the overhead
  • Gateway management via Wansey platform
  • Semtech Reference Design v1.5 components with integrated Wi-Fi antenna and built in high rejection filters.
  • Secured links and backhaul protection (OpenVPN/IPsec)
  • Rx Sensitivity: -141 dBm (SF12), TX Power: configurable from 5dBm to 27dBm
  • Casing: IP30, CPU: ARM Cortex A9, DDRAM 256MB, 8GB eMMC (6GB available for user).
  • Power supply (230VAC/12VDC) with provided jack connector 2.5mm/5.5mm
  • Connectivity - Ethernet/Cellular, Ingress protection (IP30)