Temperature Humidity Sensor
Temperature Humidity Sensor
Temperature Humidity Sensor
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Temperature Humidity Sensor

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This LoRaWAN device has a built-in SHT20 temperature & humidity sensor and has an external sensor connector to connect to external sensors such as Temperature Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor, Tilting Sensor etc .

It has a built-in 2400mAh non-chargeable battery which can be used for several years. It is also fully compatible with LoRaWAN v1.0.4 protocol, it can work with standard LoRaWAN gateway.

In case when the device can't send its message to a gateway, it can record 3200 entries with datetime which can be retrieved at a later stage for further analysis. 



  • LoRaWAN Class A protocol
  • Frequency Bands and region: US915/EU868/AS923/AU915
  • AT Commands to change parameters
  • Remote configure parameters via LoRaWAN Downlink
  • Firmware upgradable via program port
  • Built-in 2400mAh battery
  • Built-in Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • Optional External Sensors
  • Tri-color LED to indicate status
  • 3200 set sensor record with time stamp

Datasheet - link

Manual - link