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Lorix One
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Lorix One

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LORIX One is a compact and robust LoRa® base station (gateway) is ideal for all your projects deployments. Its smart form factor makes it easy to install anywhere, its thoughtful design and quality materials make it very robust and resistant to the most aggressive environments.

The gateway comes  with everything you need to get up and running, including a 4.15dBi outdoor antenna that attaches to the N-connector on top of the gateway.  The kit also includes a passive Power-over-Ethernet injector, so only one cable needs to be run out to the gateway.

The unit is designed for quick mounting on a pole using cable ties, and optional pole/wall mounting brackets are available. The gateway is powered over Ethernet using the supplied passive PoE injector. Simply run cat 5/6 cable out to the gateway, pass it through the end cap and crimp on a connector, your wiring is complete!


Features at a glance

  • LORIX OS provides intuitive ways for you to install, maintain and monitor your gateway simply and efficiently.
  • Supported frequency plan - EU868, IN865, RU864 with the 863-870 MHz version and AS920, AS923, AU915 and US915 with the 902-928 MHz version
  • RF specification: SX1301, 8 channels, 49 demodulators
  • RX Sensitivity: -135dBm; TX Power: 27dBm
  • Connectivity -  Ethernet 10/100Mbps with passive PoE 24VDC
  • Permits to bring power and data with only one cable
  • SD-CARD Slot to extend/replace the internal flash
  • USB connector providing serial interface to manage/update the gateway
  • CPU (ARM® Cortex-A5 600MHz), RAM 128MBytes DDR2 200MHZ